We're FTS Broadband, a professional business broadband service provider.

We are a professional state-of-art business grade broadband Internet last-mile solutions and products provider. Our talented engineering team has real-world hands-on working experience and our management team has many years of business experience.

Our mission is to deliver reliable and economical broadband connectivity for businesses through our own state-of-art Direct Broadband Technology (DBT). We are customer driven. We are the provider that you need to build a solution for you, not to live with whatever you can get. In all our dealings with others, we strive to be friendly, courteous, and fair. We perform with honesty and integrity in everything we do. We are always professional and responsive. We believe that our growth depends on close interaction with our customers and use promise to live up to and exceed their expectations.

FTS provides broadband Internet access to business users with the FTS Direct Broadband Technology (DBT) network. DBT is a rock-solid and affordable business-grade high-speed Internet connection with many great features in addition to high-speed and low-cost.


In early 1998, FTS Broadband began designing wireless solutions for "last-mile" delivery of broadband solutions to businesses with the simple premise of quality, scalability and affordability. These core values led to our proprietary state-of-the-art Direct Broadband Technology (DBT that delivers broadband Internet, data, voice and video for businesses). DBT finally offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional ISP offerings like dial-up, DSL, T1 and T3 that use the outdated telephone system designed for voice, not data. Clearly, our approach is changing the face of Internet access. Just the difference we deliver in scalability, speed, reliability and affordability proves that. It's the value we deliver that sets new standards for success.

In 2002, FTS Broadband launched its first commercial DBT network in Torrance, California, the company followed up by launching the second phase of its wireless footprint in Los Angeles. In addition, in that year, the company opened a network operations center (NOC) and co-location facility in Los Angeles California's Mid-Wilshire district. Starting from 2002, FTS Broadband and its network have been successfully providing professional service to a large variety partners, clients and projects, among them, prestigious commercial building ownership corporations and smaller commercial building operators. From single stand-alone industrial building to big class-A high raise buildings, from single computer user office to big enterprise user with hundreds of computers, from simple single computer operation to professional big pipe bandwidth, from simple data access to professional TV/movie shooting, and NASA space projects, educational and medical offices, propriety campus network and long range propriety VPN, managed security and mixed data voice operations; video surveillance projects and advanced executive office data/voice solutions, FTS has supported our many customers with our rock-solid connection and peerless performance.

FTS is in constant expansion of its technology and infrastructure in order to service more area and customers.

Our Philosophy

We aim to make better business connections, technology without boundary, to be a professional business provider and partner that our clients can count on.

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

FTS Broadband is committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. We have been a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditted provider for many years, and we have been rated A+ by the BBB, the highest rating available.

The BBB is a non-profit dedicated to consumer protection, and it evaluates factors such as the volume of complaints against the business and the quality of conflict resolution in its grading process. Our A+ rating means that we have met or exceeded the BBB's standards of integrity, honesty, and reliability when doing business with our customers, which is no surprise because we have always operated in the best interest of our customers.

Looking for Referrals?

We are serving customers in the following successfully.

Banks, Stock traders, Financial professional organizations and CPAs
FTS Broadband is well-suited for today's privacy-conscious consumer due to technology and network design. Super high-speed connection provides quicker access to online stock and investment companies.

Commercial Realty Agents and Offices, Property Managers, Association Operators
FTS Broadband provides low-cost solutions for realty agents and offices to quickly access site listings and transactions. FTS Broadband provides property owners with instant access to security, utility and property management as well as providing tenants with a very attractive Internet access solution that is extremely fast.

Hospitals, Clinics, and Doctors
FTS Broadband network design can provide high-capacity network links to bridge remote offices and hospitals together with options for off-site data facility access.

Aerospace, Automotive, and Industrial services
FTS Broadband technology meets the demands for industrial companies, large or small, that desire a totally-customized network infrastructure with guaranteed reliability and performance.

Law Enforcement, Legal and Security Services
Law enforcement agencies, lawyers and private investigators benefit from the intricate security designs of FTS Broadband technology which links directly to the Internet core providing data access while other wire and optical fiber systems may fail from usage overload.

Professional Support

What are you going to do with all your extra time now that your business has the speed of 100 Mbps Internet access?

Well, we can assure you that the one thing you won't be doing is worrying about your account or technical problems. First of all, we're going to live up to the reliability we've promised. Second, you have our Satisfaction Managers and Customer Service Center to back you up. Our trained team is exceptionally skilled at handling all your questions, and will go the distance to make sure you're happy.

The FTS Broadband Customer Commitment

Professional Value
FTS Broadband will always be available to you at a fair price, and you will be supported for as long as you're with us.

Responsive communication
We will tell you what you need to know . . . before you need to know it.

Professional Attitude
FTS Broadband Professional Satisfaction Team is committed to coming to you happy, eager and willing to meet your needs.

Professional Assurance
We will deliver on our promises.

Professional service
We know you vote for us every day you use our service. We commit to earning that vote of confidence at every level of service

And we promise to always deliver with enthusiasm, good manners, patience and most of all TRUTH!

How FTS Broadband handles customer service?

Email us: support@ftsbroadband.com
Call us: (310) 787-7228

We don't let our customer waiting—we will mostly solve your problem in less time than other provider taking the trouble ticket information!

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