For Prospective Customers

  Is FTS Broadband a commercial or residential ISP?

We are a broadband and telecom provider for businesses.

  Where is FTS Broadband's service available?

FTS Broadband is located in Southern California. Currently, we are servicing the South Bay, Mid-Wilshire, Hollywood, and Downtown Los Angeles areas. Please request a quote to determine if we are able to service your location.

If you're in one of these markets you either have it - or we're probably working to get it in your building.

Beverly Hills, CA - Now serviced!
Carson, CA - Now serviced!
Culver City, CA - Now serviced!
Downtown Los Angeles, CA - Now serviced!
El Segundo, CA - Now serviced!
Gardena, CA - Now serviced!
Hawthorne, CA - Now serviced!
Hollywood, CA - Now serviced!
Inglewood, CA - Now serviced!
Lawndale, CA - Now serviced!
Lomita, CA - Now serviced!
Los Angeles, CA - Now serviced!
Manhattan beach, CA - Now serviced!
Mid-Wilshire, CA - Now serviced!
Palos Verdes, CA - Now serviced!
Redondo Beach, CA - Now serviced!
Santa Monica, CA - Now serviced!
Torrance, CA - Now serviced!
West Hollywood, CA - Now serviced!
West Los Angeles, CA - Now serviced!

Not in your area yet?

Recommend an area: If you live in an area not yet covered by FTS Broadband let us know. We are undergoing rapid expansion and will be investigating all areas as possible NEW deployment sites.

How do you know if we're in your building? Well, if we are, you've probably heard from one of our FTS Broadband consultants, or seen a demonstration of our service in your lobby. If you haven't talked to one of our consultants, then call your property manager. We have to get their permission to access your building, so a call from you as a tenant can help us do that,specially if we're working with them already!
If your property manager doesn't know about us :
1. Tell them that you're dying to have FTS Broadband for your business;
2. E-mail us at or call us on our FTS Broadband sales hotline (310)-787-7228. Tell us who you are, what building you're in and let us know that you want FTS Broadband in your building!

We'll get to work on bringing to you the true potential of the Internet.

FTS Broadband is now up and running in most areas of Los Angeles County and expanding rapidly! Contact us for details on how you can sign up for this leading-edge wireless Internet service.

{ Of course, you're under no obligation. }

  How much does FTS Broadband Service cost?

Prices vary based upon your business needs, as well as the speeds and services you desire. Our account executives and customer service representatives will provide you with pricing after assessing your service needs.

  What features are available to the broadband users?

Other than high-speed Internet, FTS Broadband also provides e-mail accounts with webmail and remote access, web hosting, and VLAN. Please enquire when requesting a quote if you are interested in one of those additional features.

  How fast is the service?

Up to 100+ Mbps, depending on the service level. In contrast with DSL and T1, which are more suited to residential needs, you get higher upload assured bandwidth for your mission critical business needs. The service is comparable and even better than Fractional T1 / frame relay services from a Telco, at fraction of the cost. FTS can supply higher speeds (up to 1Gbps) on a special case basis. Please request a quote and we will find the service package that best suits your needs.

  What are your upload and download speeds? Are they symmetrical?

Yes. FTS provides a full range of upload and download speeds, including many symmetrical options. Unlike other service providers, FTS Broadband can provide reliable high upload speeds while having high download speeds. FTS Broadband provides high quality Internet connection not only with high speed, but with low latency and high reliability.

Equal upload and download speeds are very important to your connections overall speed, because of how the internet works it involves constant two way communication i.e. it's like a two way conversation in witch each side is instructing each other, always checking if the other side has got all the information and if not it's repeated until it's understood. In short even when one side is doing most of the talking (uploading) and the other is mostly listening (download), if either end is slower it disproportionately slows down the flow of information in a conversation (Slower download).

  Why is the FTS Broadband service smart?

Unlike other providers, who only provide customers with a dry dummy connection with so-called 24/7 monitoring at most, FTS Broadband provides its broadband service with smart, in-depth performance of the connection this ability allows us to further assist our customers to better use and manage their broadband applications.

  FTS Broadband vs. DSL/T1: How does FTS Broadband's Internet service compare to other ISPs?

DSL needs a phone wire connection. Therefore, the speed and service quality is contingenced with wire qualities and distance. Due to the fact of long wiring distance, it is technically impossible to ensure quality. In addition, since other providers don't have a completely engineered solution unlike FTS, their connections frequently fall apart and are difficult to repair.

FTS Broadband uses Direct Broadband Technology (DBT). DBT is a state-of-the-art last mile technology developed for business users. DBT does not use phone company wires, therefore it dose not have the problem of phone connections. DBT offer much better quality than other providers.

  Is FTS Broadband Services always on?

Yes FTS Broadband Services is 'always on'. Plus there's no need for a phone line or for "dial-up" to connect to the Internet, just click on the Internet icon on your computers desktop and away you go!

  How many e-mail addresses do I get when I order service?

Customers receive e-mail addresses depending on the service package they choose when they order FTS Broadband. Additional e-mail addresses are available for an additional charge.

  Reselling: Can I host a web, FTP, or other Internet site from your business location?

Yes, this is a full business-Internet solution for your company. However, except for special exceptions handled on a case-by-case basis, we do not support reselling of services (your selling bandwidth or web hosting to other companies) or adult services.

  Do you provide web site hosting?


  Internet sharing: Can I get FTS Broadband Services on more than one computer at my office?

Yes. FTS Broadband Services can be installed on more than one computer, at to your place of business regardless of whether you have an existing office network. However, service over sharing may results in slow performance. FTS Broadband provides a broad range of service packages to fit different size network operations. Please contact our sales specialist to select a best fit service package for you.

  Can I use FTS Broadband Services when I am away from the office?

FTS Broadband's service is fixed and is not portable. However, you can access the Internet when away through your own Internet connection. If you use our email service, you can access your emails through our webmail interface from anywhere with an Internet connection.

  Can I access my work PC from my home PC and vice versa?

This requires a "remote access" program or service and depends on how your company's network security is structured. Every network is different, therefore we suggest you discuss your needs with your network administrator or IT department/consultant.

  What is wireless broadband and how does it work?

Wireless broadband is a last mile solution for delivering broadband internet through the air instead of wires. FTS wireless broadband uses microwave fixed-wireless radio frequencies that are beamed through the air to transmit layer-3 internet protocol between 2 fixed antennas. The internet link goes like this -- direct from the Internet backbone through fiber optics to our "home" radio/antenna -- then through the air (and sometimes though obstacles like trees) to our radio/antenna located at our customers location -- then through Cat. 5 data cable to our customers' computer and/or network.

  What is the technology used?

FTS Broadband deploys its own proprietary, state-of-the-art, patented, broadband wireless system technology called DBT (Direct Broadband Technology) and encoded digital frequencies to provide two-way, high-speed Internet access to business subscribers. This service allows use of the Internet at speeds up to 20,000% faster than today's dial-up modems. Our network is Layer 3 end to end which unlike other networks that use mismatched phone line technology and send internet signals through a mixed mess of lower network layers before it's sloppily converted to Layer 3 Ethernet protocol

  Can I get static IP addresses to run business applications?

Yes. Please contact us for more information about blocks of static IP's.

  How will the equipment be installed?

You may already one of our many FTS Broadband powered e-buildings with FTS Broadband service already installed; if so skip down to the fourth step. FTS Broadband is a near-line-of-sight service. That means that the antenna must be mounted where it has close to or direct visibility of another FTS transmitter. First, FTS Broadband's professional technician installers will evaluate your location to determine an optimal signal path. Arrangements must be made to allow the technician access to the roof of your location.
Second, Once proper signal path is achieved, one of FTS Broadband's technicians will set up an appointment to come and install the service at your location. The installation processes usually takes between 1 and 4 hours. Third, The installer will place a VOWS wireless transceiver outside on your location (usually on the roof and without drilling or puncturing it). Fourth, Cat. 5 cable is run to the location of your computer/network. The installer will also make one "drop" connection to an available Ethernet port on your office LAN or directly to your computer. Our installers will demonstrate the Internet connection on their Laptop. You are responsible to configure the FTS Ethernet "drop" to your gateway, router, switch, hub or computer. Ethernet cards, routers, switches, hubs and USB converters are available from FTS Broadband at favorable prices, if needed.

  Why is this service more reliable vs. other i.e. DSL or T1 service?

DSL: The system bypasses the local telephone cabling which generally is very old and is prone to physical faults. DSL service availability is severely limited because of its dependence on the quality of cable telephone line and distance from the telephone exchange (central office). The Maximum serviceable distance is around 2.5 miles in cable length (not radial or as-crow-flies distance from telephone switch). The speed also varies considerably with distance.

With always-on connectivity, you are assured of service around the clock. There are no busy signals and no danger of being dropped.

  My applications require very low latency; will your service work for me?

Our service is unlike any other wireless internet access out there when it comes to latency. The wireless portion of our network only adds 7 milliseconds or less delay to the existing low latency of our tier-1 Internet backbone providers

  Can I just get your broadband service without the phone, and vice versa?

Yes. However, keep in mind that if you choose to get our phone service while keeping your current Internet provider, your current service may not be able to handle the voice traffic adequately for best performance. When you request a quote, our representatives will work with you to ensure that your quality of service meets the FTS standard.

For Current Customers

Internet Questions

  My Internet isn't working.

99% of the time, this is because of your router and not our service. Try unplugging your router, waiting ten seconds, and plugging it back in. If the problem persists, contact customer service and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.

  My Internet feels slow.

Most of the time, this is due to a high amount of traffic on your end. This may be due to heavy usage or malicious applications running on your computer. We recommend scanning for malware and viruses.

  I didn't get an invoice this month.

FTS Broadband uses e-billing to be environmentally-friendly. Check your spam folder if you didn't receive an emailed invoice. If you need a physical invoice, please give us a fax number and we can fax your invoice to you.

  How do I set-up auto-reply on my email or make changes to my email account?

Please email with your request and we will set it up quickly.

VoIP Questions

  How do I transfer a call?

While on the line, press "Transfer" then dial the number you want to transfer the call to. This initiates a normal call. You can wait on the line to talk to the person you want to transfer to or just transfer directly by pressing "BlindTransfer."

  What does it mean when my phone's upper right red light is blinking?

You have a new voicemail. Press Messages or dial *97 to access your voicemail folder.

  How do I transfer a call directly to the voice mail box of an extension?

Press "Transfer" during a call, then dial *EXTENSION. For example, dial *300 to transfer to the voicemail box of extension 300. The person's voice mail message will begin playing - just press Blind transfer to send it.

  How do I access my voice mail box from an external line?

1) If you have a direct number, dial it and wait on the line. When you hear the voice mail message, press "*" and you will be taken to the standard voice mail menu.

2) If you have IVR auto-attendant set up, press "*" when you hear the greeting followed by your extension, then press "*" when you hear the voice mail message.

  How do I automatically forward all calls to my extension to another number?

Press "Forward" on your phone, choose a line if you have multiple different lines, and then enter the phone number that you want to forward to. Alternatively, you can dial *72 to activate call forwarding and *73 to deactivate it.

  How do I do phone conferencing?

While on the phone with first person, press "conference", dial the second person, and when the second person answers, press "join".

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