Commercial building owner and property management

FTS Broadband will implement your building with our technology for free. In additional, we will provide our service to building management at special discount. Further, we will provide very high grade service for the tenants. If you refer your tenants to our service, we will provide incentives in addition to providing good service to our common client/tenants.

We encourage property management to refer other commercial properties with good incentives.


FTS Broadband Affiliates earn commission simply by recommending our service, with no materials or equipment to buy. Upon acceptance into the program, you will receive a shipment of brochures, and other promotional materials.

As an FTS Broadband Affiliate you receive a commission for each person you refer who signs up with FTS Broadband and stays online with us for at least 30 days! You do not take orders or bill the customers.

Earning commissions is easy. FTS Broadband provides all the materials you need absolutely free. And keeping track of your sales is easy too. At the end of each month, your FTS Broadband Account Representative receives a report detailing how many customers signed up using your unique registration code. FTS Broadband then sends you a commission check for each active customer who signed up during the previous month.

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