FTS Broadband cares about your privacy. We will not distribute any of your personal information to third-parties except to comply with law.

For Website Visitors

We only collect non-personally-identifying information of our website visitors, such as the time of visit, browser type, and general geographical area. This information is only used to keep track of the size and types of traffic of the site, and is automatically aggregated so no one will see individual details of each visitor.

We may store cookies on your computer to help us identify and track visitors. This is a common practice by many websites. If you do not want us to store cookies on your computer, you can change the preferences of your browser to refuse cookies.

For Quotes/Inquiries

We will not use any personal information that you give us in any manner other than the intended purpose. This means we will not distribute it to any third-party or use it to spam you. Your information is only given to the employees who are responsible for such data and have promised to not distribute it to other parties.

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