At FTS Broadband, we aim to provide your business with high quality Internet and phone service that save you both time and money. Learn more about us and you'll see why customers switch to FTS and never look back.

Dedicated High Speed

Quick Internet access is absolutely essential for any business. Not only that, your business needs fast upload speeds and a static IP to grow. With our proprietary advanced technology, FTS Broadband offers 6-10 times faster upload and download speeds than the top speeds of DSL and T1. We outperform DSL/T1/T3 providers at every price level. With upload and download speeds up to 100 Mbps, no other provider can compete with FTS Broadband.

Low Cost

Our service has low setup costs and very competitive monthly service fees. Not only that, but we have short installation timeframes, user-friendly service, and high quality technical support to save you both time and money. Unlike other providers, there are absolutely no complicated or lengthy equipment setup, no support costs, and no consultation fees, so enjoy saving tremendous amounts of time and money without any catches. We take care of everything so you can focus on your business.

Fully Dedicated to Business Users

Our network is fully designed and implemented for the business user environment, not shared with any existing copper-wire facilities or mix-loaded with residential traffic that would lower throughput. We implement our own high-speed circuits that allow FTS customers to take a shortcut to the Internet from their computers. All networking equipment are fully designed and manufactured by FTS alone - there are NO uncontrollable third-party circuits or equipment involved in our networks. That's why FTS has the best mean-time-between-failures history among our competitors.

Smart Service

Fully-managed Internet connectivity is absolutely necessary to ensure high business efficiency. With today's highly open Internet and computer environments, business users suffer from low efficiency and lost revenue due to Internet attacks, viruses, hackers and various software bugs. Most ISPs only provide a dummy connection and leave the problems for the end-users to handle. But unlike no other provider - we've designed our equipment to allow for highly-automated, 24/7 network management and monitoring. That's why when emergencies arise, FTS is capable of fixing the problem at the root source through our network management capability. We work with affected customers to solve the problem in the shortest amount of time possible, but we can frequently solve problems before customers are even aware of them.

Smart Support

When you need technical support, there's no more waiting in clogged phone queues hoping that someone can solve your problem in time. Technical support is instant, thanks to our highly skilled customer support team ready to assist you 24/7.

Fast service installation, high-speed service, and fast response-time to problems are among the most important values that FTS offers to their business clients. With our around-the-clock advanced network management and technical support, it's easy to see why we have the fastest circuit provisioning, installation, and outage recovery time among competing providers.

Smart Security

FTS Broadband knows how important Internet security is. That's why we have a unique and powerful network security implementation, including:
  • Firewall security
  • 24/7 security monitoring and control
  • Cyber intrusion detection and prevention
  • Virus and spyware treatment
  • Network efficiency optimization
  • Backup and instant recovery

Smart Redundancy

Our network can be custom-designed and implementation for proprietary mission-critical network applications, with multiple redundancy for all networking layers.

Smart Value-Added Service

In addition to lightning-fast broadband, we are providing value-added services:
  • Computer network design - installation and implementation
  • SMB web hosting
  • Email service, including POP, SMTP, webmail interface
  • DNS service

Smart Broadband Network

Our broadband adapts and evolves with your business. FTS offers instant full-range circuit speed upgrades. When a customer needs higher upload and download speeds, we can deliver it within minutes. This instant upgrade capability enables our customers to tailor their Internet connection to their specific business needs and upgrade only when necessary. Expanding your business and hiring more employees? We can easily increase your number of phone lines. Moving to a new location? Our installers will replicate your old setup quickly and easily so you can concentrate on your business.

No matter how your business changes, FTS Broadband is right there with you.

We know the problems of traditional telecom and other VoIP providers: bad quality audio, limited features, and costly plans.

We've solved all of theses problems with our high quality integrated solution and rich features. Our VoIP telecom service can be completely integrated with our broadband or your existing service. No more dropped calls or fuzziness - you can hear the difference in our crisp, clear audio immediately. FTS's VoIP service offers not only a substantial saving to your monthly phone bill, but a host of rich included features unattainable by traditional telecom without additional fees, such as music on hold, call forwarding, advanced voice mail, and much more. You keep all of your current phone numbers. Either stay with your current phones, or we can provide VoIP phones with multiple lines and advanced features. With a painless transition to great savings and better quality, what do you have to lose by signing up?

Integrated solution

VoIP for business users is a must-work application. Other service providers don't own their lines and equipment, leading to bad quality, poor support, and major interruptions in service when problems occur. Not FTS Broadband: we own a fully integrated hosted PBX solution so you can enjoy high quality service with peerless tech support at a fraction of what you're paying for now. Our service is completely fitted to the needs of your business, and our pay-as-you-go model is flexible and scalable with your business as it grows.

Unparalleled quality

Once you try FTS Broadband's service, you'll never go back to your old telecom provider. Good thing we can seamlessly upgrade you to clear, crisp audio with no latency and a host of advanced features. You can keep your old phone numbers and your current phone equipment as well.


FTS Broadband

with T1



Type 1 2 3 4
Owns VoIP Switch
Complete integrated solution
Provides Internet?
Reliability High Medium Low None
Cost Medium High Low
(no Internet)
(no Internet)
True Efficiency and Savings High Medium Low Very Low

Affordable Long-Distance Calling

You won't find better international rates anywhere. Unlike some providers who have a cheap base service but expensive long-distance rates, we keep every part of our service as affordable as possible.

Advanced Features

Your business deserves the rich, robust features Fortune 500 companies use - and now you can get them. With FTS Broadband, you get a host of advanced features, some completely impossible with traditional telecom and some that would require additional costs, all for free. Remote and in-house employees can both use the same phone system, and calls between extensions are completely free, so conducting business and connecting employees has never been easier.

You can get these great features and more for free when you sign up today:

Auto Attendant: Provide a professional greeting to your customers and transition them quickly to the correct extension with a touchtone menu.

Caller ID: Not just for received and missed phone calls - you can get caller ID information on voicemails as well.

Ring groups: Have several phones ring at once when a number is dialed or as an option of your Auto Attendant menu.

Call transfer: You can talk to the person you are trasferring to while the customer is on hold or simply transfer the call directly. In addition, you can easily transfer directly to voicemail.

Custom extension numbers: You can request any set of extension numbers for your phone lines.

Music on hold: Use our default music or choose your own music.

Call lists: You can view lists of missed, placed, and received phone calls right on your phone.

Directory: Add numbers you frequently call to a labeled speed dial list.

Call forward: Easily forward all calls to another phone number. Turn on and turn off whenever you like

Advanced voicemail: Easily record unavailable and busy voicemail messages directly on your phone. Sort your voicemail into folders and get detailed information of each message, including time and caller ID. Your password-protected voicemail box can also be accessed from an external number for when you are not at your phone.

Time condition: Have calls directed to different destinations based on the time of day.

Queueing: Calls can be put into the queue and picked up by any of the designated queue agents. You can opt to announce the caller's estimated wait time and/or queue position while they wait, or simply play music.

Conferencing: Set up conferences with many features: password protection, welcome message, user count and user joining/leaving announcements.

Follow me: If the main phone isn't picked up after a designated time, automatically ring any number of other phones, internal or external.

Blacklist: Ban unwanted calls from designated phone numbers.

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