With our understanding of digital communication, from the architecture level all the way down to the component level, FTS Broadband is able to provide high-quality communication platforms to suite a variety of needs. Our advanced patented networking equipment is revolutionary in its reliability, efficiency, and stability.

Based on many years of system engineering, networking and broadband Internet experience as well as expertise in computer and communication systems, FTS Broadband has developed a state-of-the-art, highly efficient, high-speed broadband Internet system, Direct Broadband Technology (DBT). The DBT network is easy to install and use, and is capable of delivering the Internet packets by the shortest path. We are dedicated to circuitry formed by DBT equipment. The DBT network consists of only highly reliable equipments. It is unlike other types of broadband network, which are made by different equipments manufactured by different companies. The DBT network is reliable because of its interconnecting equipments that are not shared with other types of services. DBT technology enables a scalable broadband service that fits all kinds of businesses, while still easily maintaining high speed, full management, dedication to business users, and efficiency, all at an economical cost.

FTS's high-quality service is made possible from the ground up. Unlike other ISPs, our highly skilled engineers designed all of our equipment using our advanced patented technology. Here are some specialized applications of our technology:

Have several office locations? FTS has a complete Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution to connect your remote offices securely and efficiently. VPN transfers data securely between two remote sites using encryption and tunneling, preventing hackers from intercepting information. With instant email and phone conferencing, the distance between offices will have shrunken to nothing.

Today's office needs are increasingly complex. You need high quality broadband with good upload and download speeds. And there's no reason to not switch to a better and cheaper phone service than what you have now. Of course, you can't go without a full Internet security solution to protect your data and your business. FTS has the full suite of solutions for your office location:

High speed broadband Internet
High quality, feature-rich VoIP
Complete Internet security solution
24/7 automatic network monitoring
Secure firewall
In-office wifi

IP cameras have become very popular for video surveillance in recent years due to their high quality video and audio, ease of use, flexibility in remote access, and encryption capabilities. To successfully protect your business premises, you need high upload speeds for smooth, high-fidelity footage. Although some ISPs provide good download speeds, they are often unable to provide the upload speeds you need for security applications. FTS has the solution for your video surveillance and security needs. We can easily provide the upload and download bandwidth you need to access good-quality security footage from multiple cameras. Using VPN, we can securely transmit video and audio streams from many cameras at multiple premises to your desired receiving device, allowing you to access footage from anywhere in the world.

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