FTS Broadband isn't just another ISP sharing lines in your building. With our unique network tailored to the needs of each building for best results, the building tenants get high quality service and the building value increases dramatically. We customize our network setup for the specifications of your building:

Micro network for small buildings
Macro network for large buildings
WAN for commerical building group

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Smart Campus

Custom designed, implemented, and operated for small to large campus environments. We have experience servicing many campuses, ranging from collegiate to residential, and have dramatically improving their Internet and phone quality. We can do the same for you - request a quote today to find out how.

Does your current Internet provider have frequent outages and unsatisfactory service? Does your telecom provider charge you a huge bill for not very much? Did you try VoIP and didn't like the quality of service? Are you willing to switch to a much better broadband/telecom service at a fraction of the cost? If you answer yes to any of those, then your experience is very similar to many of our loyal customers, who have tried ISPs big and small and found them lacking. And if you request a quote today, you too can switch from an unsatisfactory service to a completely superior solution. Want a reason to try FTS Broadband? How about ten?
  • Quick install, complete turnkey solution: From the time you sign the contract, we schedule an install instantly, set it up in a matter of hours and you're ready to go in a matter of days.
  • Smooth, painless transition: Keep all of your current equipment, phones, and phone numbers.
  • High speed and quality: Not just a lightning-quick symmetrical connection - we make sure your phone quality doesn't suffer during heavy Internet usage, and vice versa.
  • Affordable in every way: Save both time and money. Not only are the monthly fees less than what you're paying now, but there are no hidden charges and international fees are the cheapest around. With our rock-solid network and advanced monitoring and security, we do our job so you can focus on your business.
  • Rock-solid network: With our proprietary, patented technology, we've built a network with the least amount of downtime among our competitors. We understand our network intimately because we design and build our equipment, unlike other ISPs who don't have full knowledge and understanding of their glued-together circuits.
  • 24/7 smart monitoring: Our advanced network automatically monitors your traffic to ensure that everything is well.
  • Instant response: it's impossible to have a network completely impervious to problems. Issues are very rare, but when they do arise, we take action immediately and fix them, usually even before the customer is aware of them. With our smart monitoring, we are able to find the root cause of the problem and eradicate it immediately in the time it takes for you to finally reach the technical support department of another ISP and get a ticket.
  • Around-the-clock smart support: We're dedicated to our customers. When you call tech support, you won't be waiting in a long phone queue—we pick up immediately and work with you to solve your problem whenever you call.
  • Instant upgrading: want to change your broadband package or number of phones? We can update your circuit in literally minutes and adding more extensions is quick and easy.
  • Customized to your needs: We know that when it comes to business broadband, no one size fits all. We have a wide range of speed and feature options to suit every permutation a business might have. Whether you just want a fast connection, a full secure VPN solution to connect your remote offices, or static IPs with email and web hosting - we've got you covered.
There's nothing to lose by requesting a quote today. Check our the Promotions page for the current special deal so you can save even more.

Smart Executive Suite Solutions

Your executive suite deserves quality broadband. We offer custom designed, state-of-the-art executive suite solutions to provide executive suite operators and users with very high quality service while being able to cover the diversification of different uses needed. Request a quote today to see the difference.

Your job is about to get much easier. FTS Broadband is like no other ISP or telecom provider. We provide a solid solution integrating broadband and VoIP, guaranteed to improve efficiency and performance over your previous provider. And with our advanced technology combined with 24/7 network monitoring, you're sure to experience much fewer problems, if ever.

FTS Broadband is not another dummy, "best effort" broadband provider. In addition to providing high quality pure IP connectivity, we're not only doing 24/7 monitoring of our service but we are also able to manage the connectivity to the level that best fits your need. We don't believe SLA is the best we can do. Instead of providing a few option for you to choose from, we can design and implement the solution that best fits your need with easy future upgrade capability. Instead of offering just a fraction of your business broadband need, we can work with you to provide your organization from building blocks to turn key solution of you broadband system/network. When troubleshooting the problem, instead of telling you the uptime, we will help identify the root cause of the problem. The bottom line is, when building a solution for you, we are able to start from layer ZERO to layer 3, and if you need it, we can interact with you from layer 3 to make the broadband system you need. Please contact us and find out more what we can do for you.


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